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“Step into a World of Virtual Comfort: Discover Anxiety-Free Real World Connections”

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Are you in a new environment like school or work, and looking to grow your network of local friends, business associates, study groups, romantic interests, etc.? Do you know deep down that you have everything it takes to be experiencing an exhilarating social life, but your concerns about privacy and discretion are hindering your ability to be the outgoing social powerhouse you know you can be? Do you find yourself regularly missing connections with people you cross paths with who interest you, out of uncertainty or a tendency to play it safe by remaining in your comfort zone and never approaching them?

Well, soon there'll be an app for that!

Download AddressMe for FREE and start capitalizing on more opportunities to connect comfortably with the people you cross paths with who randomly catch your attention. Use our proprietary connection filtering software to safely and privately form completely virtual new connections with others around you that are also using our platform, while never needing to approach them or exit your comfort zone!

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Vinny spent a significant portion of his life struggling to make new face to face connections, which resulted in daily missed opportunities to connect with possibly some of the best people he now may never know. Fed up with missing out during these chance encounters, he decided to do something about it.

AddressMe is the result of Vinny confronting those missed connections head on and figuring out a simple universal solution to make missing connections an inconvenience of the past.

Everyday, for unlimited reasons, millions of people globally experience missed connections. Your reasons may be different from someone else's, but regardless of the reason why you miss connections, AddressMe's technology can potentially make any connection possible! The reason is irrelevant.

AddressMe was created to help anyone make safe virtual connections, under circumstances where connecting would otherwise be difficult, or in some cases, even impossible!

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you experience "The Draw"... Having your attention temporarily drawn to a person, but can’t get caught looking!
  • Do you feel Anxiety... During the moments of wanting to approach somebody new, but being hesitant? Having every present opportunity to approach the person, but knowing the entire time you never will.
  • Do you feel Uncertainty... Not knowing what to say, anticipating receiving all the worst responses possible?
  • Do you experience the "Seeing and Knowing"... Seeing and having a strong feeling the other person is interested in you too, but neither of you have it in you to approach, or other people are around and neither of you can?
  • Do you feel Disappointment... During the few moments right after the potential connection is gone forever?
  • Are you frustrated... That you go through the same anxiety stricken episode every time you cross paths with someone who catches your attention in this way?
  • Do you hate overcoming all of the above only to...  Experience the vulnerability of having to let your guard down and stare all of these challenges in the face to approach the person?

Results You Can Expect

Virtually network socially in the real world, very similarly to the online networking experience you're currently familiar with. Access AddressMe's ease of introduction connection filter and connect completely virtually with other Addressee's you cross paths with as you move throughout your day. Making new connections safely, privately, anxiety free, and effortlessly. So you can experience the rush of flattery and excitement you’ll get to feel when you receive requests from new people, reviewing the destinations you traveled that day where you unsuspectingly caught their attention, and vice versa when you send a request that makes someone else’s day!

  • New connections made so simple, the thought of going out and meeting new people becomes exciting!
  • ​Go from missing more connections than you make, to making more new connections than you miss!
  • ​Receive unexpected flattering connection requests and messages from admirers and others whose interest you peaked throughout the day.
  • ​Say goodbye to the anxiety filled episodes that happen every time you cross paths with someone you’d like to meet!
  • ​No more struggling to figure out what to say to someone in the brief window before they walk away forever, save the person’s profile, take as much time as you need to think of what to say, and connect later!
  • ​Accept requests you like, Deny requests you don’t, and network privately, safely, and freely with the people you cross paths with daily, all from the comfort of your mobile device.
  • ​Connect with new people in the real world, just as easily as you connect with new people on current social media.

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